Our Story

Ashes to Rubies was founded by Jon Ruby, a former addict and criminal turned preacher and community organizer. After a 15-year battle with addiction, Jon entered rehab in 2005. Through hard work, dedication, and faith, Jon was able to restore his marriage, his family, and his life. He found himself again. Since then, he has dedicated himself to serving others, using his story of redemption to inspire people to turn their lives around.
In 2016, Jon organized the first Ashes to Rubies show. He invited local artists to perform spoken word, poetry, rap, and share their personal stories of struggle and redemption. Since then, the brand has been dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction and mental illness.
Ashes to Rubies is built on a foundation of faith, empathy, and connection. Our purpose is to create impact, not income. We want to empower people to make a difference. We believe that everyone deserves redemption. Our goal is to help them find it.
We are a movement that gives hope to the hopeless by sharing our stories and art at our monthly shows and online.  We are people who are over-comers of life’s challenges.
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We offer freedom from addiction through our 17 week program we call LifeLab & host a weekly recovery meeting online
The Ashes to Rubies clothing line represents a lifestyle of HOPE and FREEDOM. 
Based in Ottawa, Canada
Founded by Jon Ruby