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• Discover the hidden patterns that are robbing you of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT in your life and relationships
• Overcome the fear that keeps you stuck, making excuses and avoiding confronting what matters
• Be rid of the pain and hurt that has been driving your life. 
• Identify the toxic thinking that sabotages your success in your life and relationships
• Le
arn how to break away from habits that take your happiness and stunt your ability for growth

What is LifeLab?

LifeLab is a collection of 17 video sessions of approx. 1 hour each in which we explore what holds people back from FREEDOM, JOY & PEACE, and most importantly how to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
LifeLab will guide you on how to live a new life; a life with purpose and meaning.

Who is LifeLab for?

LifeLab is for anyone looking to overcome life's challenges. In other words, everyone. Whether you are dealing with addiction, depression, eating disorders, or other types of adversity - or you simply want to take action to live the best life you possibly can, LifeLab can help.
LifeLab will guide you out of isolation and dependencies and into community, connection & freedom.
LifeLab is for people that are ready for change.

How do I sign up for LifeLab?

Start right here, at LifeLab diagnostics, where we take a quick look under the "hood" of your heart. 
This is a 4 part series of around 12 minute illustrative videos with questions at the end where you can answer in a small group, with a partner or by yourself.

- OR -
Sign up and become a member today for full access to all 17 sessions, workbook and support group.

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“LifeLab helped me to recognize and work through my brokenness.”

“LifeLab gave me practical steps to walk into freedom and wholeness from fear, control, and a pornography addiction.”

“I began sifting through so much of the garbage that had piled up in my life.”

“"I got to see the fruit of LifeLab. I like the new person a lot more and that I can set boundaries."


  • Access to All LifeLab Online Video Sessions
  • Workbook
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group

Hello! Whether you stopped by looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we're glad you're here.

Get to know us at our weekly online recovery meeting. You can just come and listen (video off or on, no pressure!) Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. ET ZOOM 819-700-3777 pw 979797.
What you can expect? A 20 min talk on a topic of recovery and a time of open sharing & questions.

We invite you to start your journey now by subscribing to our podcast 'Ashes to Rubies' wherever you get your podcasts. There you'll hear stories of transformation and practical steps you can implement in your own life.
We are a safe transformative community. 

All payments are eligible for a donation tax receipt and will be issued year end. 


Ashes To Rubies and LifeLab are initiatives of Union City Church, 81 Auriga Dr, Ottawa, ON K2E 7Y5, Canada | Non-Profit # 1940323

The mission of Union City Church is to ignite hope and restore freedom to a lost world. Union City Church fulfills this mission through discipleship, evangelism, and investment in people. Revenue generated through the LifeLab program helps to support Union City Church's mission.